Publications – Dr. Gillian Collins

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◙ Invited Paper to Focus Issue on Novel Applications of Luminescent Optical Materials

  1. *Collins G. McCarty, K, Holmes, J. D.  ‘Controlling alloy formation and optical properties by galvanic replacement of sub-20 nm silver nanoparticles in organic media’ CrystEngComm.,2015 17, 6999.

◙ Invited Paper to Special Issue on Design and Understanding of Solid-State and Crystalline Materials

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◙ Highlighted by Nature Materials 2013, Vol 12, pp 1080

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◙ Invited Review Article

  1. *Collins, G.; Fleming, P.; Boland, J.; O’Dwyer, C.; Morris, M.; Holmes, J. D. ‘Organic Functionalisation of Ge Nanowires by the Decomposition of Aryldiazonium salts’. Mater. 2011, 23, 1883.
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Conference Papers

  1. Carroll, E., Buckley, D. P., Collins, G., Holmes, J. D., Razeeb, K. M. & O’Dwyer, C. Paintable Films from Chemically Exfoliated 2D Bismuth Telluride Nanosheets. ECS Trans. 2015, 64, 1-11.
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