Dr. Nikolay Petkov


Dr. Petkov graduated from Sofia University in 1998 and then completed his PhD in Physical and Materials Chemistry from the University of Munich (LMU) in 2004. He was a post-doctoral fellow at LMU and University College Cork (UCC) before taking a chief technologist position at the Electron Microscopy and Analysis Facility at Tyndall National Institute. At Tyndall he is leading research area in advanced electron microscopy for analysis of semiconductor materials and devices. His research interests are in-situ and correlative electron microscopy, tomographic imaging,  materials processing and self-assembly. He has authored and co-authored over 60 peer-review publications, several reviews and book chapters.

Research Themes:

in-situ Dynamic Electron Microscopy

3D Electron Microscopy

Defects, Faceting and Surfaces of Ge Nanowires by Advanced Electron Microscopy

Metal Interconnects by Electron Beam Induced Deposition

Nanowire Sensors and Photovoltaics

Enhancement of Electron Beam Lithography by Pattern Multiplication