Dr. Eoin Flynn

Eoin Flynn runs the Sustainable Materials Laboratory in UCC’s Environmental Research Institute, which is affiliated with the MCAG.

Current Interests

Eoin’s current research is focussed on the concept of sustainable materials which encompasses materials for environmental remediation, materials for a zero carbon economy, resource efficient materials and renewable materials. This has led to collaborations with companies in food, agriculture, heavy industry, waste management and technology sectors.

Sustainable Materials Group has been established in UCC’s School of Chemistry/Environmental Research Institute off the back of this work, with the help of Prof .Justin Holmes and Dr. Paul Bolger. This is a multidisciplinary group including some of the top PIs in Ireland from chemistry, microbiology, mycology, plant science, atmospheric chemistry,  organic chemistry, biochemistry, mechanical engineering, and materials science. The group and the Sustainable Materials Lab have been taken into the wider MCAG group of Prof. Justin Holmes who leads it and has fostered the development of a sustainable materials strategic focus within the Environmental Research Institute and the School of Chemistry in UCC, and in AMBER of the CRANN institute in TCD.

Eoin’s current research projects are focussed on the development of high surface area biosorbents from seaweeds for precious and heavy metal reclamation, the development of advanced biopolymer thin films, and the development of advanced biopolymer membranes.


Eoin obtained a BSc in Chemistry from UCC in 2008, a PGDip in analytical chemistry from UCC in 2009 and a PhD in Materials Chemistry from UCC in 2013. He worked in industrial membrane manufacturing from 2013 to 2014, obtaining a Six-Sigma Green Belt. He came back to academia via AMBER and the CRANN institute in Trinity College Dublin from 2014-2015.  He returned to UCC and the Environmental Research Institute in 2015, obtained principal investigator funding from the EPA and established the Sustainable Materials Laboratory with the backing of the institute.