Jessica Doherty


Jessica graduated in 2014 from University College Cork with a BSc in Chemical Physics. She worked in the Materials Chemistry and Analysis Group as a summer research intern and returned to the MCAG as a Ph.D student under the supervision of Prof. Justin Holmes.

Current Research

Jessica’s research involves the growth and characterisation of Group IV nanowire alloys. These nanowires have the ability to become direct bandgap semiconductors at certain alloy compositions. As the alloys are also Si compatible, they can be highly useful in electronic applications. The research focuses on GeSn and SiGe nanowires. However, as tin is not soluble in germanium, there have previously been difficulties in successfully incorporating high percentages of tin into the nanowires. Current research attempts to find new methods whereby GeSn nanowires have a higher tin percentage, as bulk GeSn has been seen to display direct bandgap behaviour at approx. 20% Sn.