Ricky Curley


Ricky graduated in 2014 from University College Cork with a BSc. in Chemistry. He then returned in 2015 and completed the Analytical Chemistry (Analysis of Pharmaceutical Compounds) MSc. Currently, he is a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Justin Holmes and Dr. John Hanrahan.

Current Research

Ricky’s research involves developing synthetic strategies for the production of silica-based porous nanoparticles. Of late, porous nanoparticles have gotten much interest in the field of nanomedicine due to them being comparatively stable materials with large surface areas and pore volumes that offer a high loading capacity for guest molecules. Surface modification of these nanoparticles allows many types of guest molecules, such as therapeutic drugs, to be loaded onto the nanoparticle. With the aim of offering targeted drug delivery in cases such as cancer therapy, the hope is that these types of particles will have an enormous medicinal benefit, as well as many other novel uses.