Undergraduate Students Presentations!

Well done to our undergraduate summer students, Alice, Caroline and Oriane on their excellent presentations yesterday where they presented results from the projects they worked on during their three month stay in MCAG labs.

Alice Townsend, an undergraduate within the Chemistry Department in UCC , explored the use of nanoparticles for catalysis. She investigated  working with different methods to synthesise silver nano cubes and nano prisms. These shape-controlled nanoparticles were then used as seed particles for the growth of Ge nanowires.

Caroline Holmes, also a Chemistry undergraduate at UCC investigated the tailoring of  diameter controlled growth of bottom-up grown germanium nanowires. Nanostructures are used throughout the electronics industry, with a recent emphasis on transistors. The integration of semiconductor nanowires into device geometries requires control over their morphology, dimensions, growth orientation and structural defects. In a catalytic bottom-up growth, nanowire diameters can be controlled by the dimension of the catalysts. Control over nanowire diameters, in turn, facilitates regulation over their growth orientation.

Oriane Florent arrived from France and worked on the development of direct bandgap, group IV one-dimensional nanoscale systems. This is critical for the advancement of silicon compatible photonics, tunnelling based transistor devices and electronic-photonic hybrid circuits. With her mentor they will target the growth of uniform diameter, direct bandgap Ge1-xSnx alloy nanowires, with large Sn incorporation through conventional catalytic bottom-up growth paradigm employing Sn as catalysts material.